Improving clinical research operations
starts with better insights.


Research Resonance Site Insights Dashboard
  • Visualize your performance
  • Compare your performance to your peers
  • Pinpoint strengths and areas for improvement

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Powerful Metrics for Powerful Results.

Visualize your performance metrics across three key areas to get better insights into your clinical research operations.

If you operate a network with multiple sites, visit Research Resonance’s Network Insights Dashboard, which allows you to view all of your sites’ operational data.

  • Cycle Times

    Track the time it takes to complete milestones in the protocol lifecycle.

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  • Effort Tracking

    Track the time your staff spends across various activities and the protocol life cycle.

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  • Volumetrics

    Measure the size of your research operation in terms of active protocols, new subject accruals and more.

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Compare your metrics with your peers for better benchmarking.

Drill down on each metric and see how your average metrics compare to the aggregate of your peers.


Add annotations to help track the effectiveness of process changes.

Pinpoint strengths and areas of improvement in study start-up.

Use Research Resonance to measure your performance on several metrics, compare your site to your peers, and discover new strategies to improve your clinical research operations.

Budgeting Clinical Activity/Coordination Contracting Internal AuditingPie piece Pie piece Pie piece Pie piece Pie piece Pie piece

Start-Up Activities

See how well your site compares overall to other similar organizations within the community. Each metric and its components are color coded to represent your percentile rank.

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Research Resonance Site Insights Dashboard

If you operate a network with multiple sites, visit the Network Insights Dashboard page for more information about how you can leverage Research Resonance to monitor all of your sites' operational data.