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Empowering research sites of all sizes to turn insight into action, the Research Resonance Network is a free benchmarking tool that offers a fresh look at your operational performance.

Answers to Your Critical Clinical Research Operations Questions

Are my protocols on track to hit enrollments targets?

Monitor enrollment progress to determine if protocols need intervention or should be closed out due to non-performance.

Which activities are holding up our study start-up process?

Identify bottlenecks during the lifecycle of a protocol to know which timelines are slowing down your site.

Should I take on additional trials?

Look at the overall size of your research operation, how similar protocols have performed in the past, and assess staff workload.

Which groups should I pay more attention to within my institution?

Find out if certain departments or internal groups are performing better than others, and where assistance may be needed.

How can I get selected for more studies?

Understand your strengths and share them in conversations with sponsors for more opportunities.

How well is my site doing relative to others?

Benchmark your site’s performance against the aggregate of a community of like organizations.

Sophisticated Tools to Help You Succeed

Improving clinical research operations starts with better insight. The Research Resonance Network offers a variety of unique tools to help visualize performance, identify trends, and help sites be successful.

Site Insights Dashboard

Site Insights Dashboard

Using a standard set of operational metrics for a holistic view of your site’s performance, you can set goals for your organization, dig deep internally or compare anonymously to the aggregate of peer organizations.

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Enrollment Progress Dashboard

Get a clear picture of target enrollment achieved compared to the enrollment time remaining for protocols currently open to enrollment.

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Enrollment Progress Dashboard
Effort Tracker

Effort Tracker

Assess staff effort to effectively allocate resources, provide accurate estimates, and avoid wasting staff time or inadequately planning for study activities.

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